St Andrews

Meet the ministry team

Meet The Ministry Team

At St Andrew’s we believe in using the energy and gifts of our people. Our ministry team which is made up of clergy, readers, and laity meet regularly to pray and consider what God is saying to the Church. We work very much as a leadership team offering care and support to each other in our ministry.

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Rev Brian Hall

Vicar & PCC

Rev Dan Waite

Associate Minister

Rev John Kinchin-Smith

Assistant Minister


Wendy Bircham

Lay Minister & PCC

Pat Kane

Lay Minister



Melvyn Reid

Lay Minister

Ed Ellis

Lay Minister


Mike Cassidy

Church Warden &

Authorised Worship

Assistant & PCC

Brian Bircham

Church Warden & PCC

Stephanie Gostick

Authorised Worship

Assistant & PCC

Jan Bowden

Authorised Worship

Assistant & PCC

David Watson

Authorised Worship


Bev Brown