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Gorleston Community Magazine


Gorleston Community Magazine is a non-profit making enterprise with advertising and donations covering the cost of printing and distribution.

Prices range upwards from £20 for a 1/16th page advert, and adverts can be full colour or monchrome.

A simple design service is available if you don't have an advert already prepared.

I'm not sure how much you know about the Gorleston Community Magazine, so here follows some information for you:

  1. A4 monthly magazine

  2. Colour throughout

  3. Professionally printed on 130gsm glossy paper

  4. Free of charge to readers

  5. Non-profit making enterprise – advertising and donations cover the cost of printing and distribution

  6. Number of pages and copies printed dependent on income but generally 32-40 pages with a current print run of 4000

  7. 3400 copies delivered house to house in Gorleston

  8. Others available through community outlets

  9. Current and previous issues available online at 

  10. Church publication but very much a community-based magazine with articles and pages covering a wide range of subjects and interests

For more information on advert sizes and pricing, please contact the Magazine Team by form, or phone 01493 655523.

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