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Anyone can get in touch with St Andrew’s Church to find out about having your baby or your child baptised (sometimes called christened). During a christening the baby or child is sprinkled with water. Parents and Godparents have a special and important role to play by promising to help their child to follow Jesus.


You are never too old to think about Baptism. For adults it’s a wonderful experience. Adults are offered the option of baptism by full immersion in a purposely installed pool of water.


Baptism is a step on an amazing journey of faith. It’s also a special day for the family, friends, and supporters of those being baptised.


Next Step


To enquire about Baptism please contact our Vicar Shaula on or 07961602909 or the Church Office by completing this form.


I’ve Got Questions


Visit the Church of England website for more information on frequently asked questions about child or adult baptism.

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