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Gorleston Community Magazine


Would you or your club / group like to appear in the Gorleston Community Magazine? We welcome articles, photos and poems from those who have a connection to Gorleston, whether current or historical, and about a wide range of subjects, relating to Gorleston in some way, whether through contributor or subject matter.

We try to avoid negativity and controversy, and attempt to be positive and celebratory of Gorleston and its community, but other than this, we are happy to consider all articles / photos / poems. Please note we cannot accept handwritten contributions, or hard copy or photos.

If you would like to submit an article / photo / poem, please keep the following in mind:

1. We cannot guarantee that submissions will be used in a specific issue or used at all.

2. Submissions that are not date specific may be submitted at any time and will be used in the magazine as and when space permits.

3. If your submission is date-specific, please get in touch as soon as possible so that we can try and allocate space for you in the appropriate issue.

4. Submissions received after the deadline for a specific issue may be replaced by other content. However, if not date specific the submission may be saved and used in a later issue.

5. The size of an article will depend on the number of words, length of title, photos and line or paragraph breaks. For guidance:

· Plan your article using font Times New Roman 11

· Half a page including one photo = c400 words.

· Full page including two photos = c800 words.

· Double pages may be submitted but please contact us first to ensure we have space.

· We also accept smaller ‘filler’ articles.

6. If using photos in an article, it is helpful if you can provide a mock-up of your article, in addition to your text and photo files, to show where the photos fit in to your article.

7. If photos are used, they must belong to you or your group. Do not source photos / images from the internet or anywhere else where they may be protected by copyright.

8. All photos / images submitted should be original files to ensure the best quality for print.

9. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the permission of any identifiable people in the photo.

10. See the previous month’s issue for the next month’s deadline or check with the editor.

11. Please submit your article / photos / poem to

If you would like to discuss a contribution, please contact the Magazine Team by form, or phone 01493 655523.

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